Spiral Bevel Gear

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Spiral Bevel Gear

Spiral bevel gears are a type of gear used to transmit power and motion between two intersecting shafts at an angle. They are designed with curved teeth that spiral around the gear’s circumference, providing gradual contact between the teeth during operation. This results in a smooth and efficient transfer of power and motion between the shafts, with less noise and vibration than other types of gears.

Spiral bevel gears are commonly used in power transmission systems, such as in automobiles, marine propulsion systems, and heavy machinery. They are designed to provide a high level of precision and efficiency in transmitting power and motion while also providing a quiet and smooth operation.

Spiral Bevel Gear Parameter:

Model Number M3,M4,M5,M8,M12 and etc.
Material Brass, C45 steel, Stainless steel, Copper, POM, Aluminum, Alloy, and so on
Surface treatment Zinc-plated, Nickel plated, Passivation, Oxidation, Anodization,
Geomet, Dacromet, Black Oxide, Phosphatizing, Powder Coating, and Electrophoresis
Standard ISO, DIN, ANSI, JIS, BS, and Non-standard.
Precision DIN6,DIN7,DIN8,DIN9.
Teeth treatment Hardened, Milled, or Ground
Tolerance 0.001mm-0.01mm-0.1mm
Finish shot/sandblast, heat treatment, annealing, tempering, polishing, anodizing, zinc-plated
Items packing Plastic bag+Cartons Or Wooden Packing
Payment terms T/T, L/C
Production lead time 20  business days for the sample,25 days for the bulk
Samples Sample price range from $2 to $100.
sample express request paid by clients
Application 1. Automatic controlling machine
2. Semi-conductor industry
3. General industry machinery
4. Medical equipment
5. Solar energy equipment
6. Machine tool
7. Parking system
8. High-speed rail and aviation transportation equipment, etc.


The spiral bevel gears are divided into two types: the spiral bevel gear, whose large wheel axis intersects the small wheel axis, the hypoid spiral bevel gear, whose large wheel axis and small wheel axis have a specific offset distance. Spiral bevel gears are widely used in automotive, aviation, mining, and other mechanical transmission fields. These advantages include a large overlap coefficient, strong bearing capacity, high transmission ratio, stable transmission, and low noise.



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