Spiral Bevel Gears (Helical Bevel Gear)

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Spiral Bevel Gears (Helical Bevel Gear)

Spiral bevel gears are a type of gear used to transmit power and motion between two intersecting shafts at an angle. They are designed with curved teeth that spiral around the gear’s circumference, providing gradual contact between the teeth during operation. This results in a smooth and efficient transfer of power and motion between the shafts, with less noise and vibration than other types of gears.

Spiral bevel gears are commonly used in power transmission systems, such as in automobiles, marine propulsion systems, and heavy machinery. They are designed to provide high precision and efficiency in transmitting power and motion while also providing a quiet and smooth operation.

Spiral Bevel Gear Advantages and Disadvantages

Advantages of Spiral Bevel Gear:

  • Higher Efficiency – The calculated efficiency of our spiral bevel gear sets is 96% to 98%, which is greater than that of other right-angle gear sets. (The efficiency depends on the quality number, ratio, duty cycle, and other factors.) this means more power from the prime mover is used to perform work and not generate heat.
  • Greater Power Density – Spiral bevel gears are more compact for their rated power than the other right-angle gears.
  • Smaller Space Claim (volume) –Their higher power density means the gearboxes that use spiral bevel gears can be designed to be smaller than transmissions that do not incorporate them. This results in lower weight, less space, and lower overall cost.
  • Minimal Vibration – The spiral bevel gear teeth’ shape allows the gears to engage each other gradually and smoother than some alternative options. Therefore, a spiral bevel gear set will generate less vibration than different right-angle bevel gear sets with the same rating and similar finishing of their teeth.
  • Less Heat – The most significant source of power loss (efficiency) in a bevel gear set is heat generated by the interaction of the gear teeth. The lower relative heat reduces the oil’s need for cooling and improves the lubrication’s operating life.
  • Higher Torque  – A spiral bevel gear has more surface area in contact than a straight or zero bevel for the same pitch diameter. The larger contact area means more power can be transmitted without exceeding the allowable stress of the alloy steel.
  • Better Life – By distributing the load over a larger area, the spiral bevel gear will result in relatively lower contact stress in the gear teeth and a lower bending moment at their root. This gives the spiral bevel a longer design life (pitting and bending) than the other types of right-angle bevel gears of the same size.
  • Higher Speed – The higher-quality spiral bevel gears can be operated at relatively high speeds.


The spiral bevel gears are divided into two types: the spiral bevel gear, whose large wheel axis intersects the small wheel axis, and the hypoid spiral bevel gear, whose large wheel axis and small wheel axis have a specific offset distance. Spiral bevel gears are widely used in automotive, aviation, mining, and other mechanical transmission fields. These advantages include a large overlap coefficient, strong bearing capacity, high transmission ratio, stable transmission, and low noise.



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