Spiral Miter Gears

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Spiral Miter Gears

Spiral miter gears, also known as spiral bevel miter gears, are a type of gear used to transmit power and motion between two intersecting shafts at a 90-degree angle. They are designed with curved teeth that spiral around the gear’s circumference and are cut at an angle to the gear’s axis.

Spiral miter gears provide several advantages over straight-cut miter gears, including higher power transmission capabilities, smoother operation, and reduced noise and vibration. This makes them ideal for various industrial applications, such as in heavy machinery, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Spiral Miter Gear Parameter:

Module: 2 – 5
Material: SCM415
Hardening: Carburized
Tooth finish: Cut (non Ground)
Grade: JIS 4

Gears that have been hardened have excellent strength and wear resistance. Secondary operations are possible except for the teeth.

Spiral Miter Gear Features:

  • Right-hand spiral miter 90-degree mesh transmits mechanical power between perpendicular shafts.
  • The spiral angle of 35 degrees better suits this spiral miter gear for higher speed and larger torque applications than straight miter gears
  • Low carbon steel (.2 percent carbon) for applications where the hardness and strength of higher levels of carbon are not needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Hardened teeth for 1:1 gear ratio applications where hardness and strength are needed to transmit torque and motion
  • Bore has a keyway and setscrew for use with keyed shaft
  • Stocked Materials range from steel, brass, and stainless steel


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Spiral Gear Application: